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What's my best grout choice for tight grout lines in a shower???

Stacey Collins
11 years ago

I'm getting ready (finally!) to grout my bathroom walls. Last night I grouted the floor with Spectralock epoxy grout and it went well.

I need to choose a grout for the shower and bathroom walls. This is a bathroom that will be hard-used and cleaned by a teenager (not very carefully, in other words!) so I would like to use a pretty high-functioning grout.

I'd just use Spectralock, but I think it will be difficult to get that (sanded) into the VERy tight grout lines I have. The tiles are 4x4s butted up to each other with their little self-spacing lugs, so the joints are quite tight.

Then I thought I'd use Laticrete Permacolor, but it, too, seems to be sanded (like Spectralock, I think, it's a small-grained sand, but still rough).

Can anyone recommend a high-functioning grout that would be better for my application?

My criteria are:

1) white

2) excellent, fabulous stain- and mildew-resistance

3) not super difficult to use....



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