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Let’s talk about kitchen linens!

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

A family member introduced me to the microfiber “paper” towel rolls over the holidays. With the new year, I placed a bunch of orders on Amazon and now I’m stressing about how to organize the whole kitchen linen display and laundry cycle.

The objective is to change out the kitchen linens everyday, and keep them separate in the laundry.

(And right on cue, I just spilled coffee, and became a fan of the new flour sack cloth napkin I had handy which easily sopped up the mess, but may never be white again.)

What tips do you have for choosing, using, drying, storing and cleaning your kitchen linens?

Do you have some fun or artistic kitchen linens or storage solutions that you want to show off?

Here is my tentative plan:

  • Microfiber paper towels for counter cleanup (grey) and dish drying mats (white)
  • Plush cotton terrycloth towels for drying hands (not white)
  • White Flour sack towels for drying dishes (new to me, not sure about it yet)
  • White Flour sack cloth napkins (also new to me)
  • Small dish cloths (5” square) for washing dishes

Also for the bathrooms, plush hand towels and microfiber paper towels for cleaning counters daily.

The black drying rack(s) will be installed in the pantry so linens can dry before being stored for laundry.

Do you like the flour sack cloth towels and napkins? Those are cheap enough to order in bulk. I’m not sure how to feel about those yet.

Here are a few tips to get the discussion started:

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