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new hardwood should I do white oak or match my red oak downstairs

6 months ago

Hi, I just purchased a home that was built in 1999 and so the downstairs has nice red oak hardwood flooring while the upstairs had dingy old carpeting. Pulled the carpeting now need to put in hardwood. My flooring guy recommended doing unfinished hardwood. I might refinish the stairs and will be doing a new runner. As of right now my red oak downstairs is sealed but not stained so it’s natural colored. I don’t really like the red oak though feels too orange red. I’m also trying to modernize the home because the previous owners didn’t do much since 99 so it’s still stuck there. I really like the look of natural white oak floors but I’m not sure if it would be odd to have red oak downstairs and white oak upstairs. Many have said this is a personal preference which it is but I just don’t know. Also some may recommend refinishing the downstairs red oak too but that’s just out of the budget at the moment and the floor is still in really good shape. Also to note my current downstairs is 2 1/4 hardwood and the new upstairs floor will be 3 1/4 it’s just what my family and I preferred. So basically is it okay to have an entirely different floor color and look upstairs or is that potentially a bad thing/bad look overall.

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