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Matching wood stain to prefinished flooring

14 days ago
last modified: 14 days ago

Another day, another crisis. Flooring is already ordered, thought we’d be able to easily match the window sills, stairs and maybe cabinetry in a similar colour even if slightly lighter or darker. Turns out, not so easy if we also want the wood to stay looking like wood rather than plastic. Wondering if anyone has suggestions for what to do with the remaining wood finishes.


Although online and in the showroom the colour looks like what I want, the samples I have against all other wood look super weird. Against any natural/warm woods it looks completely green and so dull.


The stairs along with a slat wall screen and floor to ceiling clad post are in the middle of the open living space. It is supposed to be finished prior to install, but the sample is horrendous. It is mustard yellow and glossy, see images. So I will get them to switch over to a better product I like (Osmo hardwax oil) but I think the chance of matching the flooring colour is like 0% as it just seems impossible. Should I put clear coat on the white oak or will it look weird with the flooring? Assuming it turns sort of dark yellow without adding any white pigment.

Window sills

What should I do here if it can’t match the floor? We have a modern house so doing drywall returns around the window and a chunky wood sill. The only natural wood that seems to look OK is walnut. Otherwise if I don’t want to deal with clashing wood tones I could just do painted to match the baseboards/walls.

Kitchen cabinetry

Some cabinetry will be painted, a light green-ish grey. The island and some shelves will be wood… either white oak or walnut. Depends on everything else.

Flooring in the middle, top gross shiny sample was created for the stairs. Apparently it is the same as the one marked #6 on the side but with clear added. Bottom is unfinished raw white oak from the stairs.

Somehow the flooring above is the same as this in showroom lighting.

Again the flooring looks very different installed vs. my sample.

Flooring sample looking disgusting against raw white oak in fluorescent lighting.

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