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Help! My flooring is a mix of red and white oak. How do I match that?

last year

We are remodeling our first floor and will be tearing out the floors in the foyer and kitchen and laying 2 1/4” oak to match the existing hardwood in the rest of the house before sanding and refinishing everything.

As we got estimates, some people told us we had red oak, others said white. One of the companies scraped a few boards and tested them. Turns out we likely have a mix of red and white oak. Of the three he tested, two boards were white and one was red.

I’m not sure what to do about the new flooring. The new oak will be toothed in where walls were removed, and the new oak in the foyer and kitchen will be right up against the existing hardwood in the living room and dining room. The company we are using suggested using white oak for the new flooring. I’m worried this will stand out, but also don’t know if mixing red and white will do much to help. I really can’t tell how much is red and how much is white.

I’ve posted some photos. I’d love to hear what it looks like to you. The last photo shows some of the flooring that will be torn out and replaced with new oak.

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