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Carrot cake is light in color...?

5 months ago

I usually expect the cake to be dark. I haven't made one in years. It was my dad's favorite cake and I used to bake one for his birthday. But it's been years, I doubt I even have my old recipe.
My 5 year old granddaughter asked for carrot cake in a restaurant. I was so surprised - it's not something you expect a kid to like - that I said I'd make her one.
I quickly asked friends online for a recipe, and made the first one offered.
This recipe called for white sugar. Are the dark ones made with brown sugar? This one also did not call for raisins, and I think my old recipe did.
I don't know what to compare it with, but this cake I just made is a medium tan, like a chocolate chip cookie. Not the dark rich brown I expected.

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