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Decemember 2023, Week 3

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Here's an update on the over east garden.

Finally got it cleaned off and tilled under except for the fall plantings.

Now it's ready for the winter manuring , come on cows get with it.

I keep hauling in manure from the nearby pastures and dump it out till it all looks like a barnyard feed lot.

Then sometime in late Jan/early Feb I till it all under.

The turnips usually get froze out sometime in January with the arctic air fronts that usually come down. Then I till them under too and maybe harvest some of the usable bulbs.

Then it's ready for the early spring planting of potatoes and onions around mid to late Feb depending on the weather conditions of course. Then it's time to start again.

Seems like some of the turnips are still growing in spite of the shorter daylight.

Had a couple of good rains there a week or so ago.


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