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May 2023 week 3

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Well Happy Mom's Day!

The weather sure sucks for it over here.

Flooding rains for the next day or two...

At least the severe weather is taming down (although I hear thunder in my ear as I write this).

Didn't make it over east to the garden this time , didn't won't to get caught out on the road with all the storms , flooding...or worse. I didn't like it , makes me feel guilty ( and ashamed of myself) cause there's a ton of work to do but it was probably a wise decision.

I can just see all the little weeds sprouting up in the middles , Still need to weed out the onions , haven't finished putting out the peppers ..and other things. The lawn grass will get a foot taller before I can get to starting up the mower on it....

The bitch of it is that it didn't even rain that much right at the garden , it was just getting over to it from 3 counties away. That's the problem with long distance gardening.

I hate prolonged wet spells in the spring.


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