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May week 4 2023

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Don't mean to hog the thread but somebody needs to start it.

Made it out east and got caught up on things best I could.

Foot high grass got mowed.

Tilled part of the garden , some of it is getting to big to till.

About harvesting , loose leaf lettuce went gang busters.

So did the brocolli and some of the cauliflower.

The radishes that I scattered in the carrot row had to be pulled to save the carrots, got a ton of radishes. Got a ton of mustard greens too. Spinach is phasing out now (bolting).

I've had green onions (scallions) for a while now.

I made me a mess of wilted greens for dinner. That's a mix of lettuce , spinach , mustard , chopped radishes , chopped green onions , fried bacon and the hot grease from the skillet .

We always called it a green mess when I was growing up.

Got the Dixondale onions weeded out and the potatoes hilled up and laid by.

Put out the sweet potatoes , planted winter squash , some more summer squash , a little egg plant and some more tomatoes.

And I'm a sore boy.


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