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Feb week 2 , 2023

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

All right . I'll start Feb week 2, 2023.

don't know what happened but here goes.

I already posted some Dawn bumps about onion and potato planting.

That's what's in season right now.

First I'll repost what Jennifer posted when she tried to start the thread:

Looks like the groundhog saw his shadow. Let's just get the 6 weeks over and get into spring. I'm okay with that as long as after the 6 weeks, it's all spring all the time.

But, that's not how it works in Oklahoma.

I thought I was going to work today, but am not. I won't give the boring details of why....but it is mostly weather related.

Also, was supposed to pick up a piece of art that was done for our son, Lane. A very sweet and special gift. Rescheduled for next week.

Kim! I'm so sorry. I hope you're not sore this morning.

Amy, I need those for my boots!

hwy20, looks like you're about ready to start gardening. I'm sure you're so happy to have gotten the tilling and amending done already.

Larry, gas and electric bills have become crazy high! I've noticed increases on Netflix, Cox, and about everything else too!

Jen, I'm trying fairy tale eggplant this year. We bought some at the farmer's market and enjoyed it. So, bought some seed. I really wanted to grow icicle eggplant this year, but chose the fairy tale. Maybe I'll do both next year.

How's the grow tent doing?

Rick, thanks for starting the thread and posting all the onion and potato threads too.

Because I have a day at home, I'm trying to figure out how to be the most productive. I have had broth in the crockpot for 48 hours, so will get that jarred up.

The cabinet under my kitchen sink and the hall bathroom sink could use some attention, so might take care of that.

I would like to bake a cake....but eggs! The one I wanted to bake is a traditional "imbolc" cake, but it calls for 6 eggs. Natural Grocers had NO eggs yesterday, and I'm still only getting 1 to 4 each day. Tom eats at least 2 a day and Ethan can't eat fewer than 5 at a time.

The girls need to get with it.

My little bantam easter egger hen disappeared on Sunday night. She is naughty and slips under the gate, so I figured a hawk got her. She's very small--barely a lb. But, she showed up 2 days later. She was probably hiding in the shop. She did that once before a couple of years ago.

I came home yesterday after work and found my bantam roo down. Actually Ethan noticed him first from the dining room window. I really thought he was dead, but he was still alive, although barely. I brought him in and wrapped him in a towel and put him in a box. Tried to give him water in a dropper, but he was too far gone. I took a couple of his feathers. It's always so hard to watch things die when you've cared for them. It was so cold where he was lying, so I'm glad I got to him and let him pass in a warmer and softer place.

I don't know what happened to him. The night before, he wasn't on the roost and came up to me when I was tucking them all in. He's never not been on the roost. He's one of the early-to-bed chickens. It was dark in the coop, but I put him on the roost. He ate yesterday with the others. I just don't know. Maybe he fell? or someone pecked him hard on the head. They really are fragile. He had no marks on him, though. He was the lowest in the pecking order....maybe he didn't go to the waterers when I brought them out twice a day during this cold spell? Dehydration? He was about 3 and a half. Yesterday, I had a FB memory (3 years ago) of him being lost...what a coincidence. He was found across the horse pasture to our west.

Poor little Benjamin Sisko. I'm down to 25 chickens now.

Last night, I started my first seed of 2023! I did 24 broccoli (Waltham29), 24 spinach (Bloomsdale) and 24 cabbage (6 each of Padoc, Golden Acre, Copenhagen, Early Flat Dutch).

I'm trying to take the time to journal.

Maybe it would be a good day to start some herbs.

Edited to say, that I jarred the kraut. It is SO good. Winter is a great time to make kraut. The house is cool enough....I was able to keep it going for almost 20 days, so it was nicely soured. I would have left it for the 20 days, but noticed a bit of mold on the weights.


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