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Am I overthinking this stair runner? (old house, U-shaped staircase)

3 months ago

Am replacing very old stair carpet, and while I recognize rationally that anything I do will be an improvement, I'm still finding this strangely complicated.

The floor person has recommended a Tuftex runner, in a wheat/gold color (pictured, though the color looks a little different, on someone else's stairs)

. I like it, but it has some pattern/directionality to it. My staircase is U-shaped, and the stairs go all the way to the third floor (so two full U's, and four intermediate landings). The house is from early 1900s, arts & crafts style.

This is my staircase, looking down from the top:

The plan is to do a runner on the stairs (with wood showing on either side), and carpet each landing fully to the wall (following the direction of the previous flight, I guess). Risers will be painted white (not certain I want this, but we think some are already painted). Carpet will continue into the hall on each floor.

Do you think this will work visually and look good, or will it be too much and add to the vertiginous feeling of twisty stairs? Would you carpet the landings entirely? Is the carpet too busy?

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