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Ordering failures :-D

3 months ago

A comment plllog made about ordering avocadoes made me think abut this question- have you had any disastrous or funny grocery ordering failures?

I’m currently ordering our groceries online for DH to pick up as chemo leaves me too tired to shop in person. While the fruit and vegetables aren’t always quite what I would choose, they’ve generally been pretty good as I politely describe what I would like in the notes.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I had included 500g (about a pound) of fresh mushrooms in my order. DH called me when he was picking it up. ”We seem to have the world’s supply of mushrooms here.” Now, when it comes to food, DH isn’t always aware of how much of an ingredient we use- he got very exercised about the 3 litres of milk, which I pointed out were all gone by the next shopping day. So I thought he was exaggerating a little for clarity.

”Well, I wasn’t sure how much the amount I wanted would weigh, so I had to guesstimate,” I replied.

When he got home with the groceries and we were unpacking them, I pulled a large paper bag overflowing with mushrooms out, thinking ”Well, it’s more than I wanted but this is probably why DH was surprised.” But then, in the next bag, I pulled out a large plastic produce bag full of mushrooms.

”Holy cow!” I thought. Surely this is more than 500g?” So I got out my scales and weighed the two bags. Then, in another bag was another similarly huge plastic bag of mushrooms. The total weight was over 3kg. I checked the online order, which claimed I had ordered (and received) 3.15kg of mushrooms.

Now, I can’t help but feel that 3.15kg or 3150g is rather an odd typo for 500g, but there wasn’t much point in disputing it. So as a side for that night’s dinner, we had sauteed mushrooms. For lunch the next day, we had cream of mushroom soup, much of which is now in the freezer. We had diced mushrooms in the meatloaf, and mushrooms on the pizza (which is what I had ordere them for) the day after that. And mushrooms in the following week’s San Choy Bao, and we still have a few left.

Have you had a similar experience, or received something really awful or completely different from what you ordered?

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