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Is it possible for sheets to cause allergies?

mxk3 z5b_MI
3 months ago

I can't figure out what is making the skin around my eye area irritated, dry and really wrinkly. It happens frequently. Cortisone takes care of it, fortunately. It started to happen around the time I bought new sateen sheets and matching pillowcases and a new lightweight non-down comforter (allergic to down) earlier in the spring. At first I thought it was the new powdered F&C laundry soap I bought for towel and sheets, so I switched back to washing sheets in the 7th Generation F&C I've been using for years with no prior problem, so the laundry soap has been ruled out as a possible cause.

Is it possible that that sheets or maybe the synthetic fill comforter could be the issue? I've not heard of those causing problems with allergies before, so thought I'd ask. I'm leaning toward the sheets (pillowcases) because I'm not having too much problem with irritated skin elsewhere, just sometimes on my forearms but that's not happening a lot, it just seems like my arms would have more contact with the sheets then the comforter since I'm a side sleeper. FWIW, I've never had sateen sheets before, are those treated with something or other to make them sateen?

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