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Spoonbread/casserole with only creamed corn?

l pinkmountain
3 months ago

My Dad likes corn but can't eat whole kernel corn due to several issues. So I wanted to make something like a cheese corn casserole or "spoonbread" for Thanksgiving. The only thing is, all the recipes I see either call for adding whole kernel corn, or just making it with cornmeal, not creamed corn. The recipes that call for creamed corn also call for whole kernel corn. I've made spoonbread with just cornmeal, which would be OK, but I wanted to add the creamed corn for just a little bit of texture and fresh corn flavor. Any thoughts on making a recipe that calls for whole corn and just leaving that out? I don't think it adds anything vital other than the bits of corn for texture . . .

Something like this sans canned corn

Please don't dis the cornbread mix and the sweetness of the casserole. It's not for me, it's for my Dad and he's 92 and that's the flavor profile he likes. I could also make it with cornmeal, but I have the Jiffy mix and it's a local product for my area.

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