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Homeowner maintenance advice for a modern house?

6 months ago

I grew up most of my life in a little log cabin with breezy spots between a few logs. We kept our trash outside, had an outhouse and no running water, we had jugs of water we kept on the counter. Even as a younger adult I lived in dry cabins because they were more inexpensive in Alaska.
Now I have a home with my husband and kids that would be considered modern. Plumbing, indoor bathroom, showers, sink, trash can in the kitchen, washing machines, carpet etc.
In many modern homes they smell nice, are fairly spotless and clean.
Having kitchen cupboards really helps keep things organized but the babies like to get into the lower drawers. I need to get child locks. So far I've been doing laundry daily, washing the bathroom weekly or monthly depending on how intensive I do it. I sweep and mop daily, vaccume every few days (it should be every day I'm noticing) and dump the trash once it's full, every few days.
I've noticed if I leave the house and come back to the house, it smells. Like dirty diapers. I started wrapping dirty diapers in Saran wrap before tossing them in the trash. It's helped a lot. Then I washed the couch covers that you can unzip. I then sprayed the carpet and couch with enzyme cleaner spray.
The table is glass and very difficult to get totally clear. There is often finger prints or foggy smears very quickly after cleaning it.
What are the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that homeowners do to keep their house maintained, clean, smelling nice and fresh (like keeping cooking smells out!). Maybe an air purifier or diffuser, candles?
I just noticed there is a slime build up on the inside of the sink drains! Is there a book about modern home maintenance? I have very little experience with it. A rustic log cabin lifestyle is very different to what I'm living now.
Here is an example of a few modern items I never knew existed: a poopoo spray for your toilet. After going number two, the bathroom smells completely clean. Another is a repellent spray to keep pets off your couch! Also a dishwasher cleaner solution. It's not the dishwasher soap but specifically to clean the dishwasher by itself. Growing up I did dishes in two pots of water that I heated up on a wood stove.
I went to see grandparents in the states and they are retired with an absolutely clean spotless house. I know not having kids helps keep things clean but a spotless bathroom as well, no stains in the shower, no dust behind the toilet? I wonder what the frequency of cleaning is? Or does having an air purifier help remove dust from the air and keep things cleaner?

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