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Advice needed for Modern Home's overgrown landscaping!

9 years ago

Hello everyone!

Thought this might be a good place to turn... 2 years ago we moved from the city and bought our dream house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The house is built into a hillside and had natural forest all around it with only a small clearing for a septic field and some retaining walls with plantings immediately around the house. The previous owners assured us this was a "low maintenance". property.

Sadly, after we were under contract, the septic failed and we had to clear a huge area of the forest between the house and the street. Never having owned a house with so much property, we didn't know what to do, so we called several landscapers that said a grass lawn wasn't an option for us because the area was to steep and rocky to mow. (and there was no way to get a riding mower up there). They provided some options in excess of $20-25,000 that just wasn't in our budget. We let it go through the winter and tried to figure out our options...

Now, fast forward to this year, the weed growth is out of control! We were advised not to weed whack due to the amount of poison ivy scattered throughout the yard.

Basically, we are overwhelmed with what to do with the large area between the house and the street (We also have old wooden retaining walls that are falling to pieces :( ).

So I'm here to ask if anyone has any ideas that we could do ourselves to improve the look of the front of the house. I've considered putting on a full body painting suit and whees whacking and putting down tarps to kill everything so that we can try to plant some Pachysandra, but it's likely too late in the season to do that... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! attaching photos of situation to post. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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