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Rogue Valley Roses Black Friday sale

3 months ago

hey all--

Got an email with notice of a Black Friday Sale at RVR.

List of roses on sale below--I see some Paul Bardens(!), climbing Butterscotch, Le Vesuve, Mrs Caroline Testout, and some other goodies!

Abigail Adams, Abracadabra, Awakening, Bennett’s Seedling, Black Jade, Blaze, Blumenschmidt, Butterscotch Cl, Carefree Beauty, Carol’s Favorite Gallica, Catherine Seyton, Charles Lawson, Chevy Chase, Chintimini Purple, Compassion, Coral Dawn, Cramoisi Picote, Darlow's Enigma, Dart's Dash, Dick Balfour, Dolly Parton, Don Juan, Dr. Robert Korns (Aptos), Duchesse de Montebello, Echo (Baby Tausendschon), Excelsa, French Lace, General Washington, Goethe, Golden Wings,

Henri Martin (Old Red Moss), Henry Kelsey, Jeanie Lajoie, Joseph's Coat, Kazanlik, Kew Rambler, Lavender Dream, Le Vesuve, Louis Gimard, Lupe’s Buttons

Marie de Blois, Mister Lincoln, Mme Alfred Carriere, Mme Caroline Testout,

Mme Plantier, Mount Shasta, Mrs. William Paul, New Dawn, Newport Fairy, Nova Zembla, Nurse Donna, Pascali, Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler, Pinata, Pink A Boo,

Pink Petticoat, Prosperity, Red Alert, Reine Victoria (aka The Shell Rose), Rita Sammons, Robert's Wondrous Ruthie™, Rookie, Rose de Rescht, Rose Gaujard, Royal Sunset, Rush Family Gallica, Sally Holmes, Scabrosa, Seafoam, Seven Sisters, Shailer's Provence, Spencer, Star of the Nile, Strawberry Swirl, Sutter’s Gold, Sweet Chariot, Sydonie, The Bishop (Velours Episcopal), Touch of Class, Toujours Gai, Treasure Trove, Ville de St. Denis, Wichmoss, Young Quinn


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