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Layout ideas for Ensuite primary bathroom & closet remodel, PNW

3 months ago

Looking for layout/floorplan ideas for 2nd floor primary ensuite bathroom remodel. House is located in PNW. Plan to sell in the next 2 years, and the current builder grade 90's suite (extension to 1930's kinda english cottage style/cape cod/tudor-ish home) isn't going to do us any favors in an area where a house/lot of this size can easily go for 850k if it's in the right condition.

-Currently there is a closet area leading to a 8 x 8 bathroom with plumbing on 2 walls. Comfortable moving/adding plumbing & vents, moving or removing doorways/walls

-A 5 piece bathroom with a soaking tub and a comfortably sized shower would be ideal (we love baths), but again, looking to sell within a few years so willing to compromise.

-Would like to maintain some storage in the space if possible.

-We could make the full 16 x 8 space into bathroom, but then would need to move clothes storage to the area of the bedroom opposite the bed which leads to a window. (There is another closet across from bed that is not big enough for two people, other little one on floor plan is a small linen closet)

-There is a 3ft x 3ft window in the bathroom that we plan to remove the privacy glazing from as it is not needed (not willing to move window or add windows), and it would be nice for the full 16 x 8 space to get daylight from this window.

-Have thought of built in clothing storage within the bathroom, but seems like an unpopular option, and would like to do what we can to ensure a swift sale when we do list.

-CONSTRAINT: All walls are external so the 16 x 8 space can not be extended in any direction.

-CONSTRAINT: The toilet can only move closer to the toilet stack (indicated on the layout image) or stay where it is.

-CONSTRAINT: The space in the bedroom opposite the bed is not ideal for clothes storage because the window provides good natural light to the room and the wall space either side of the window is only 17", so not deep enough for built in cabinetry clothing storage. Walling off the space would make it into a very large walk in, concerned that possibly limits the potential of the space?

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