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Festive Floof! Thanksgiving 2023 plans?

27 days ago
last modified: 27 days ago

Anyone have their plans/menus ready?

I, oddly enough, do not.

Well, that's not REALLY true. Thing is I am just unsure if they will pan out like I want. I am actually scheduled to be off work on Thanksgiving this year, so my plans are to cook at home for myself and SO. Same menu every year, whether I work or not: Bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins, baked mac and cheese, chicken dressing, either cabbage or collards (I let SO pick, I do not really eat veggies on holidays. Kind off a killjoy for me) and some sort of potato. Either mashed with gravy or hashbrown casserole. The veggie might just depend on what is ready. I am growing cabbage, collards and broccoli, and whichever one of the first two is ready to pick and cook might just be the winner. (SO is not big on broccoli) The reason I am not secure in my plans is because I have a nasty feeling that I will be called into work that day, the morning shift specifically. I could be wrong of course. But the, um, person scheduled to work is a selfish loser who is only still employed there despite the fact that other people have been dismissed for half of what he has done because his mommy works there, and has for over 40 years. I hope I am wrong and just thinking the worst of him because he has shown the worst of himself. I just do a lot of things ahead if I KNOW that I am working. If I KNOW that I will be off, I just cook it all on the same day. I love a holiday cooking marathon.

Also up in the air is what will be asked of me by other people. My sister specifically usually asked me to contribute to her feast, which I do because she welcomes other families to her meal,has a lot on her plate even during non holiday times, and certain recipes of mine are specifically asked for. I usually make the dressing and Mac and Cheese for her holidays, as well as sometimes I will do some dips or little nibbles of whatever she asks for. I will make and deliver anything she asks for the day before, Just so I can stay home all day on the day to cook, eat and binge watch Christmas movies.

I still have to figure out dessert, or even if there will be a dessert.

Its just a couple weeks away. What are your plans?

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