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Yellow Daylilies 2023

3 months ago

Show us the yellows that brightened your gardens and your spirits last season. From mellow to sunshine to gold, share your photos of you best light bearers. There is no limit on how many daylily photos you post. Seedlings are welcome in the color posts. Our next color will be pink on Friday.

Sun Temple Spirit was my best performing yellow daylily last year. It's registered as a late, but blooms ML here.

Mystic Maize was a bitter shorter that previous years, but still made a nice clump.

Seedling Destined to See X Green Mystique also was one of the best yellow clumps in my gardens.

Canary Flush was a new yellow I really enjoyed.

Moon Shimmers was one of the better yellow performers.

Bill Norris always puts on a nice show.

Victorian Garden Emerald Breeze had one of its best years.


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