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Your 5 best L daylilies 2023

sherrygirl zone5 N il
10 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

Its time to show your 5 best performing L daylilies.

Bad joke of the day: The CEO of IKEA just got elected prime minister of Sweden. He should have his cabinet together by Monday.

I have a handful of L’s, am only listing a few today.

Lavender Stardust is a great all around performer here. I love the deep shade of lavender, unlike others I have.

Laura Harwod is a terrific late bloomer here. Great increase and good bud count. I divided it last fall and it didnt skip a beat last season.

Late to the Party just got added and had first blooms last season. I am adding it despite the short time here, foliage stayed nice and blooms were big and flawless despite the crumby weather. I liked it so much I ordered a second plant.

Little Light of Mine has done well, thanks Kay!


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