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Purple Daylilies 2023

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Today kicks off our color posts for this year. Show us your best purple daylilies from 2023. From grape, to royal, to black purple, show us the ones that dazzled you last season . Remember, there will be a separate category for lavender. There is no limit on the number of photos you post. The next color will be yellow on Wednesday.

My best purple was Star Lord. It had bud counts in the 20s and some instant rebloom this year. It also set a lot of pods for me.

Clump shot of Star Lord, taken when temps were in the 90s.

Soli Deo Gloria had some of the prettiest blooms of my purples. It has not multiplied well for me. I moved it this fall, hoping the new place would result in better multiplying.

Bluegrass Shadows was shorter than past years and had fewer buds, but it did rebloom.

Ehren Thomas put on a nice show this year, and what a pod setter!

Faith That Moves Mountains struggled to have clean blooms for a long time, but later in the season there were a string of nice ones.

Lydia's Regal Robe was one of the few daylilies in my yard that was the registered height last season.

Rapture of Love had some gorgeous blooms, but they were on short, poorly budded scapes. This one has not multiplied well for me.

After three years, Steven Scott Derrow finally had a pattern, and it almost reached its registered height.

Clump shot of Steven Scott Derrow. It's a good multiplier and finally set a pod!

Mister Mayor was my favorite purple UF.


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  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
    3 months ago

    Edward Abbey was moved to a spot where it gets noticed. I really like this dark flower with the neat watermark.

    Fantasy and Dreams is doing well for us. I was afraid it would be tender (bred in Texas), but so far, so good. It's also a late bloomer and one of its color is welcome at that time in the garden.

    Fruitful Discovery was nice this season.

    Heavenly Purple Twister is one of the few narrow-petaled purple in our garden.

    Hey Soul Sister is described as 'dark red purple' in the database. Here it is showing its dark face, rather than the smoky one it sometimes shows.

    If It Only Had a Porche is a strong grower in our garden. The hybridizer, Bret Clement, grows his plants over near Indianapolis. They do very well in our garden.

    Here is our Lydia's Royal Robe. It often gets overlooked (and is being overgrown by a clump of iris) but it did well this season.

    Penguin Tuxedo was newly planted in 2022. I enjoyed it this past season. It is a diploid from Kathleen Nordstrom.

    Perfectly White Teeth is another newly planted one that looks quite promising.

    I'll put the rest in the next comment.


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    GETTING AIRBORNE, never disappoints even in years of drought. Tall, massive plant with sturdy scapes, great bud count, hardy and vigorous, huge blooms, dark velvet purple. Clumps up quickly. I've divided it several times in the last few years but somehow it's always a big clump. The only negative is I've yet to get a mature pod off it but pollen is strong. GLORY IN RED, an oldie but goodie. Strong thick scapes, high bud count, blooms appear larger than registered size, will set pods if you wave pollen in the air....LOL GREYWOODS SHADES OF LACE, admittedly this was brand new in 2022 but you gotta love a daylily when the 2 tiny fans pump out multitudes of blooms much larger than the plant! I have high hopes for this one. GOLDEN GLOBE, Kate gave me a piece of hers and I second her nomination. It is a great daylily with amazing color. GENTLE ROSE, another oldie but goodie, nothing fancy, a little on the short side....but rock hardy, healthy, blue-green dormant foliage, purest pink blooms in abundance.
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    Thanks for the pic, Kate. Looks quite saturated. Maryl, Ruby Grandeur isn't a rapid multiplier, but I may have it in the fall. I don't think Richard Norris will be sending out plants this year, except perhaps for a new introduction and for select customers. He told one person he couldn't accept an order. I did see Tropical Tease once at his garden upon its introduction. Seemed vigorous. Celeste, some interesting ones. Throned in Glory, in particular. Korth doesn't keep his old cultivars very long, so some get lost in the trade. Trance, good here. The Bride of Dracula--one of those hard-to-get plants. Someone should mention The Band Played On. A very worthy cultivar, though the bud count is modest. Tomato Clownfish. Very bright and strong edge on clear yellow. A Grossmann intro. I am interested in feedback on more of his intros. Some have not had good scapes. Truth Teller (Emmerich) --nice, but doesn't like afternoon sun Thundercat. Good last year. Tickle Fingers --nice, but too soon to evaluate thoroughly. Teeth of Iron --vivid, but short and not a fast multiplier. Tahitian Waterfall --an appealing shade of coral pink Tar and Feather --striking black purple eyezone. Nice display in the early garden. The Goldilocks Effect. Still the finest polychrome here. But many people recoil from anything gold or yellow. Tropical Fusion --very colorful. Scape is not ideal, but makes an impact in the landscape. Nan grows it. Also recommended: Tigrillo Afternoon, Tactical Deception, Tiger by the Tail (with some reservations). But I've already pushed the envelope.
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    There are many W's that I think are pretty. Just to name a couple that appeal: Wayne's World and Wild Red Heart (I like the pattern), and Wrenetta Powell (the white star on the petals like WW and WRH again).....Mantis: Fyi on Wayah Valley, a friend asked me where she could buy it about 3 years ago and I found a source in New Jersey that sells it rust free. I'll include a link. She is still growing hers and is as impressed with it as I am...........As for my poor When Royals Dream daylily, someone with an inground garden needs to try it. It is on a list by someone as being winter hardy to zone 5, but our usual freaky freezes damage the still very lush green foliage when they hit. Someone who doesn't have our roller coaster fall/winters temperatures could very well be successful. It is a beauty when it gets it right......................Maryl Morning Star Daylilies: Wayah Valley Vendor
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    Thank you for the encouragement, Nancy. Watching your posts and seeing all the toothy seedlings you've created is inspiration. I've crossed over to the 'toothy side'....and have a few seedlings. So much for focusing! LOL. I started buying them to hybridize and sell seeds on the Lily Auction but fell in love with them and grew out a few crosses myself. I haven't seen the fruits of my labor yet but I believe some will bloom this summer. Sherry, I think I will keep a list of friends here who might want my reject seedlings. I will feel better if someone 'adopts' them. I will keep you all updated with a post in late summer and see if there are any 'takers'. I also think it will be fun to see what they will do in other parts of the country.
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  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    I was so excited about posting my photos, I totally forgot to comment on Debra's.

    Debra, you have some gorgeous purples! I love Star Lord. Bluegrass Shadows has a lovely edge. I also love Steven Scott Derrow. I like the pattern on that rich purple. Even without a pattern, it would be lovely.


  • celeste/NH
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Debra, I am glad you posted your experience with Rapture of Love. I've seen it on the LA and was tempted to bid many times. But I think I will hold off. If it doesn't do well for you there it certainly won't do well here.

    I have more purples than any other color and I would be a forum 'hog' to show them all so I'll just select the ones I like best, saving those with teeth for the toothy post.

    Home By Midnight

    Larry's Obsession (thanks Kate!!)

    Jamie Dockery

    From Sea to Shining Sea

    Throned in Glory

    Plumcake Patty

    Blackbird Sings

    Soli deo Gloria

    Paisley Pajamas

    Too Sharp To Touch

    Troubled Sleep

    Chained in the Abyss

    Grape Umbrella

    Desire of Nations

    Mister Mayor

    Claudine's Charm

    Grandma Sguiggles

    Cloak and Dagger

    Abby Davisson

    Stargate Portal

    Thunder Glow

    Casco Bay Delight

    Jerry Hyatt

    Increased Complexity

    Olly Olly Oxen Free

    Royal Trophy

    Bali Watercolor

    Count de Monet

    Mary's Baby

    Night Beacon

    Crintonic Rain Dances

    Purple Starfish

    Big Hearted Jim

    Rosemarie Louise

    Getting Airborne


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Nan - You have lots of gorgeous purples! I do like the color contrast on Edward Abbey. Fantasy and Dreams has wonderful colors and a pretty edge. The fact that it's a late makes it even more desirable. If It Only Had a Porche has such marvelous curling, cascading petals! I just love that form!

    I think the pattern on Steven Scott Derrow only shows when temps are cool, and we had two weeks of cool temps last June.


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Celeste - You have so many great purples, and several I've never seen before. I especially like the looks of Too Sharp to Touch and Throned in Glory. I like your Ginny Pearce purples too! Your Thunder Glow is so much more ruffly than mine. I don't think I have mine planted in enough sun. My yard gets shadier and shadier each year.

    Thunder Glow here

    Thunder Glow seems to do better for you than it does for me. So Rapture of Love might too. It was a bad year for daylilies here. Sixty did not bloom at all. More than 20 clumps only had one or two scapes, and 80 percent of the ones that did bloom had short scapes and low bud counts.

    Here's another picture of Rapture of Love. It does set seed well, and the pollen is very potent.


  • organic_kitten
    3 months ago

    I will post some now and more later as I am in the middle of planting some of the ones I have been growing roots in their posts. Three down and three to go.

    These are so beautiful! I love purple daylilies and have far too many to post.

    Black Panther

    coronation Day

    Uncle Sam's Cut

    Faya's Lovely Mistake

    Cup of Cold Water

    Westbourne Chip of f the Old Block

    Crazy Cat Lady

    Blackberry Dragon

    I will add more later


  • celeste/NH
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Debra, Now that I am looking at photos of your Rapture of Love I see it doesn't look much different than my Too Sharp to Touch so maybe I'll skip getting it. Sometimes I get carried away with wanting more purples....and as you can see, I don't really need any more! Too Sharp and the Ginny Pearce purples were brand new this year and so far I am impressed. Too Sharp bloomed late when it was getting cold at night so it didn't make any 'teeth' but it is supposed to in warmer weather. I was going to post it in the teeth thread but it was more ruffly than toothy....LOL.

    Kay, I like Crazy Cat Lady! But I should because that's what I AM!

    Here's some more purples from my collection:

    My Seedling out of 'Disturbance in the Force' x 'Party Every Day'....this one is 7 inches across (Tetra)

    My seedling out of 'Bob Faulkner' x 'Darin Boyles' (diploid)

    Dream Sequence

    For Better For Worse

    Ron Valente

    UF seedling of mine, 'Aliens in the Garden' x 'Heavenly Way Big' (Tetra) about 9 inches

    My seedling 'Cloak and Dagger' x 'Ron Valente' (Tetra)

    Monster Quest

    My Seedling (Tetra) Can't recall the cross right now

    My Seedling 'Cliffjumper' x 'Patrick Starfish' (diploid)

    My Seedling 'Diana Grenfell' x 'Teddy Bears Picnic' (Tetra)

    My Seedling 'Ron Valente' x 'Jerry Hyatt' (Tetra)

    My Seedling 'Jerry Hyatt' x 'Mountain Bluebird' (Tetra)

    My Seedling out of Olly Olly Oxen Free (Tetra)

    Curt's Gift

    a seedling of mine/can't recall the cross right now

    High Water Mark

    My Seedling 'Increased Complexity' x 'Lydia's Regal Robe' (Tet)

    Swallow Tail Kite

    My Seedling 'Throned in Glory' x 'The Royal Greens' (Tetra)

    Freedom's Triumph

    Astral Voyager

    My seedling ('Disturbance in the Force x Party Every Day') x 'Purple Ninja'....9 inches

    Tupac Amaru

    I have more but you're all probably saying 'Please stop!' so I will. I'm thinking a lot of these could fit in the watermarked and patterned categories as well.

  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Kay - Black Panther looks good in your garden! I wish we knew the true name of Faye's Lovely Mistake. I really like that one every time you post it. I find Blackberry Dragon very appealing too.

    Celeste - You have so many pretty purple seedlings. I remember Disturbance in the Force x Party Every Day from past years. Is that one multiplying well for you? Other seedlings that really grab me are Jerry Hyatt X Mtn. Bluebird and (DITF X PED) X Purple Ninja, but they are all nice. Curt's Gift has really pretty colors in your garden.


  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    I didn't have many purples this year that had outstanding performance. Many of those pictured here had subpar years here, such as Dream Sequence, High Water Mark (didn't even bloom), Jerry Hyatt (and all its progeny), Stargate Portal (hasn't bloomed in two years), Mister Mayor, Faith That Moves Mountains (an evergreen that may need a warmer clime). As for Lydia and her Robe, she grows better here than other Waldrops, but bud count leaves much to be desired and the flower is smallish. Grows well, though. I destroyed Disturbance in the Force after three years of pathetic blooms.

    Soli Deo Gloria had a good spotless year--all four fans. I know of no one who has gotten good increase with it. Karol is proud of it--it is supposedly being introduced by Walter Gardens for commercial distribution. Good luck in getting increase.

    Edward Abbey has already been pictured. It had a decent year. Some plants were divided last fall, so they had an excuse for not performing.

    I was interested in the pictures of Grandma Squiggles, Getting Airborne, and Fantasy and Dreams, among many others.

    One outstanding performer here was The Dream Society. It blooms rather late, a bit late for my taste, but tolerable.

    Free to Dance bloomed for a long time. It proliferates, which is probably why it was a gift plant. Was a bit slow to establish, but liked this past summer for some reason.

    Reign in Me is relatively new to the garden, but had standout deep purple flowers, almost blackish. Quite sunfast too, but too new to judge plant habit.

    From Sea to Shining Sea is quite tall and has velvety deep purple flowers. Looked good this past summer, but hopefully even better in a more hospitable year. We didn't have the abundance of rain that Celeste had, though some in New England have complained that the rain was overload.

    Reckless Girls popped up in a place where I didn't even know I had planted a piece. Looked good, above the foliage, though still somewhat short.

    Tonight's the Night is richly colored. Should be in a better place in the garden. Storms did do some tree trimming, which should help.

    The X Files, with a spreading habit that is not ideal, did look good. Probably would have looked better in a better year.

    Star of India, an older early bloomer, had a great year. Filled with buds, as usual, and opening well (sometimes a problem in the coolness of early season).

    Crying in the Wilderness is naturally short, but attracted attention in the garden. Close to registered height, which wasn't bad considering the year.

    Upgrade had some very striking flowers. More striking than the cheetah one.

    Oh, I forgot Spunky Girls. Aptly named for withstanding bad seasons.

    I shudder to think back at all those that were subpar.

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    My second attempt today to add a few purples.

    Upgrade does well here although it had fewer buds this past season.

    Night Moves has done well since it got a better spot in the garden. I love the velvety appearance on this one.

    Mary’s Baby seems to always do well.

    Laura Harwood always pumps out the blooms. It was divided in 2022, performed well despite dividing. It had some canoed blooms early in the blooming.

    Getting Airborne is a good performer. Last season did take a toll with fewer buds and shorter scapes.

    Kansas Kitten doing well after a move.

    Heavenly Breezes did well for its second full season here.

    I am really impressed with Cameroon Night in its short time here.


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
    3 months ago

    Here I am busy moving all my daylily pots to their overwintering area and thinking I have way too many daylilies when this shows up. I wish I had more room as there are some lovely purples here. Just a few of my favorites here are Reign in Me (on my short list if I loose a daylily), Soli Deo Gloria, Throned in Glory, Home By Midnight and always a favorite, Star Lord, along with the wonderful photos of Mary's Baby......Since our climate makes most purples show a more maroon color mine won't look as purple as say Celeste's beauties, but a new one for me last year was Lil Black Buds. Sold to me as a potential Stout winner, it was definitely almost black purple here:

    Little Black Buds:


  • organic_kitten
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    I did want to add Purple Turantula as it had a really good year

    Flight of Orchids had a good year

    blue Dolphin was lovely

    Mr Mayor was so pretty

    Ranger Bob


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Mantis - I always like The Dream Society when you post photos of it. Reign In Me looks ravishing and is just my kind of purple.

    Sherry - It sounds like you had some trouble posting. I hope future colors will be smooth sailing for you. Great photo of Mary's Baby! Cameroon NIght looks good with your hostas. Mine did not do as well this year as it did the year before.

    Maryl - Little Black Buds is a cutie! Thanks for posting it!

    Kay - Purple Tarantula looks pretty in that group of three, and Flight of Orchids always catches my eye.


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Here are some of my purple seedlings that I liked from last season:

    Buddy's Victoria Jade X Skin of My Teeth

    Skin of My Teeth X Midnight Castle 1

    Pink Extraordinaire X $exy Samantha 2

    English Lavender X Seedling

    I Remember You X Kindred Jewel

    All Things to All Men seedling

    $exy Samantha X Spacecoast Night Vision

    Perseus' Sandals X Jumping Jack Flash

    Freedom of Expression X Violet Sabrewing1


  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Every Knee Shall Bow had some striking flowers, but it did have a number of splotchy ones.

    Just to show the difference in seasons, Purple Tarantula here had a horrible year, but for Kay, with much more early rainfall and less shock from freeze/thaw conditions, it had a good year.

    Getting Airborne has been rather slow to establish, but does look good.

    Sherry, you may have initially tried to post when I was posting. Houzz does not like cross posting.

  • celeste/NH
    3 months ago

    Debra, YES....the Disturbance in the Force x Party Every Day seedling has had excellent increase. It is now 4 years old and already a clump that I had to move out of the seedling bed and into the main garden. It is also sets pods easily and I have several seedlings out of it.

  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Celeste - Glad to know the Disturbance seedling is increasing well. It sure is a pretty one!


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Mantis - I appreciate the information about Every Knee Shall Bow having some issues with splotchiness. It sure is pretty when the blooms are clean!


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Here are a few more purples from my garden:

    Applique put on nice show, even though scapes and bud counts were lower than usual. It was the last registered daylily reblooming in my garden when the October hard freezes hit.

    Extravagant Love didn't do much in its second year here. The few blooms it had were attractive though.

    Gypsy Cats was the best performer of my intros last season, with scapes almost the registered height but bud counts only a fraction of its ususal output.

    Royal Seal had some pretty blooms on extremely short scapes.

    I love the bloom on No Tomorrow, but it's still only one fan after three years.

    Linda Beckwith with its short height tends to get overlooked when I photograph. But it did have some nice blooms last summer.


  • Brad KY 6b
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Wow so many amazing purples! I am late to the party, as my large 2 story shed had to be partially redone-carpenter ants. A friend did it with me helping. Also the pine needles fell and I had to spend several days getting them.

    Some that struck me more than others: Debra: Star Lord, Ehren Thomas, Skin of My Teeth X Midnight Castle 1, I Remember You X Kindred Jewel. Nancy: If it Only Had a Porche, Summer Fun; Celeste: Larry's Obsession, Jamie dockery, Freedom Triumph, Throned in Glory, Paisley Pajamas, Olly Oxen Free, etc. Kay, Foya's Lovely Mistake, Cup of Cold Water, Ranger Bob, Westborne Chip/Block. Mantis, Reign in Me, Frm Sea to Shining Sea, Tonights the Night. Sherry, Night Moves, Laura H., Kansas Kitten, Cameroon Night.

    I'll post ones not posted above nor will I post Belle Isle Sentry as I did it a lot with all the rebloom.

    Bali Water Color

    Glory to His Name

    Liberty Banner

    Pinhill Claret Symphony

    Purple Riot really did well

    Royal Occasion

    Bombay Silk x Vintage Wine

    seedling First Light x Indian Giver

    Siloam Amazing Grace x Indian Giver

    That's all for now.


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Hi Brad! I wondered where you had been this week. It sounds like rebuilding your shed and getting your pine needles. My favorite of your purples are Glory to His Name, Royal Occasion and Bombay Silk X Vintage Wine.


  • Brad KY 6b
    3 months ago


    Bali Water Color x Sugar Magnolia 1

    Bali Watercolor x Sugar Magnolia 2

    Carmen Renee x North Wind Dancer

    Solomon's Robe

    Stealth Bomber, which had an amazing year.

    Strutter's Ball

    Vintage Wine


  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago

    I see that Purple Riot is out of Dragon King. Very nice picture of it.

  • daylilybedmaker
    3 months ago

    Playing catch up and working backwards. Purples are my next favorite color daylily after pink.

    A lot of good looking purples: FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA, SOLI DEO GLORIA, EDWARD ABBEY, PSYCHO CIRCUS, PAISLEY PAJAMAS (just added to my collection in September), OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE (need to get this one), and PURPLE TARANTULA.

    RAVEN LORE (Ginny Pearce intro): Give this one space. The fans are huge. It is well branched and budded. I have it sitting in full sun and it holds up well.

    PLANET MAX: Tall, well branched and budded.

    MONEY MAKER: First year in the garden. I like the bloom. To soon to talk about branching and bud count.

    ALONE AGAIN: Love the color of this one. Soft violet purple. The photo does not really capture the color. This one knocked my socks off when I saw it blooming for the first time. I have nothing else like it in the garden.

    VOODOO DANCER: It is registered as a black purple. I like it because it is different.


    DESIRE OF NATIONS: slow to increase, but a good plant.

    IMPERIAL DECREE: An older Benz purple that holds up well in full sun.

    ALONE AGAIN again - different angle

    CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS: Love the bloom - only wish it was taller

    RING NEBULA: A new Derrow intro that I am growing for the club.

    SUPERMODEL: Grows like a weed

    29 FLAGS OVER CONWAY: a nice saturated diploid

    FREAKY PEOPLE: Another one that grows like a weed. Looks black first thing in the am.

    Seedling out of DESIRE OF NATIONS

    BELA LUGOSI: Putting on a great show.

    PURPLE CHEETAH: Interesting bloom

    WIDOW'S WALK: I like this older Moldovan.

    ULTIMATE ILLUSION: A rosy purple


    HUMUNGOUSAUR: A very large purple

    That is it for this category.

    Have a great day!


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    David - Alone Again does have dreamy colors. I really like the looks of Super Model too!


  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Raven Lore looks interesting, but alas, a space hog. Freaky People looks like a nice dark one. Bad year here for Money Maker, which makes me wonder about its long-term performance. I like Plumcake Patty, but it was divided last year. Most divided plants had fewer blooms than typical after division.

    Stealth Bomber and Solomon's Robe both seem to do well for you, Brad. Years ago, I deleted Stealth Bomber because it just was taking a long time to do nothing.

    Lovestruck Linda

    Getting Airborne finally establishing.

    Jackie Canner - a bit shorter than usual

    Still the One. Earlier cultivars seemed to display better.

  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago

    Edward Abbey

  • Brad KY 6b
    3 months ago

    David & Mantis, lots of good purples! Favorites of these: Laura Harwood, Desire of Nations and your seedling, & Bela Lugosi; Jackie Comer, Still the One, and Edward Abbey.


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    I like both pictures I've seen of Edward Abbey! Here are a few purples I forgot to post. These did OK, but not great last year.

    Purple Passion's Promise

    Spirited Away

    Summer Snowball


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