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agave seedling advice, pls

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I have been transitioning my allotment to an unirrigated garden (apart from initial establishment) as East Anglia is the driest part of the UK and we have hosepipe bans on the plot. Consequently, I have been on a mad seed sowing spree of multiple random plants, ranging from the usual mediterranean stalwarts to Southwestern US natives, SA and Australian species. Quite a few are completely new to me, but following my usual practice of sowing seeds when I get them (August), I now have a handful of agave seedlings from 4 different species inc. Parryi and Americana). They are only around 1 inch tall with second and 3rd leaves just emerging. Along with all the other stuff, they will be spending winter in the cold greenhouse...I hope. Have got a ton of various hardy succulents on the go too, but feel a bit more confident they will potter through winter in their modules (60 to standard seed tray). Agaves, not so much...

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