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Duraseal Fruitwood Neutral Weathered Oak Country White on Red Oak

J. Bijou
6 months ago

Hello everyone. I’m a few days out from getting my floors stained. I’m trying out samples of colors I’ve seen or read that could possibly get the look I wanted.

I bought quarts of Country White, Neutral, Fruitwood, and Weathered Oak to test on my floors. Like a few of you, I want nice light floors without them going super pink.

My contractors will be using Duraseal and I found out it’s not as easy to get as Minwax because it’s not sold to consumers everywhere.

My expectations are neutralized. I know I won’t get White Oak floors using some special concoction. I don’t really care about the White Oak look, I just want light floors that look decent.

I’m also opening the post up to anyone who would like to see photos of a mixture. I’m not an expert. I’ll do my best to mix what you want so you can see. I’d rather only do 50/50 mixes though because the other mixes get super arbitrary.

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