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Warm Wood Tone on Red Oak Floors without orange, RED, or too much grey

last month

Red Oak Floors have been installed however having an issue with getting the right balance for a warm wood tone without RED boards coming through in such an obvious way. We had to scratch the stain originally thought would work (photo here) and start from scratch. This time we will be using Duraseal per my contractor request. I have read many of the discussions here (THANK YOU!) on the subject as now I understand it is quite the challenge if not going super dark. I am hoping someone here has a success story. In the threads, some people end with mentioning trying the stain combinations but not posting the outcome. Wondering if anyone has some success stories. We won't be bleaching or using a different coating before the stain. After reading a ton, I see the stain has to have a bunch of green it to help dull the red tone. These are the combination in Duraseal I have seen people mention... Looking for advice or photos of people's floors with these combinations or similar desired outcome. I will be doing our own tests but trying to narrow down the combinations to try. I would love to be able to get a similar result as my photo WITHOUT the RED tone coming through and hopefully a more overall consistent shade across the boards. Thank you!

Combination that has been mentioned:

75% weathered oak and 25% classic gray.

1 part Jacobean (or dark walnut) 1 part weathered oak

Three parts weathered oak and 1 part dark walnut

50/50 Special Walnut/Weathered Oak

Also saw someone mentioned use Jacobean and mix it with Neutral to lighten.

Hoping to find a combination that is easy-ish to replicate to ensure success across different areas.

Photo of the current stain for reference. Thank you!

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