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Are These Red oak or white oak floors? Stain Ideas

Mari Rojas
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi There!

I am ridden with anxiety over our hardwood floors.

I know this is nearly impossible via pictures but are out there any pros that can tell me if these are red or white oak floors. Initially, we loved the samples the designer showed us see pictures 5,6,7 below, but they are in white oak (bona white and bona birch). We did not think much on it, but now that the floors are in and we are getting ready to test stain colors on our floors, I learned that red oak doesn't stain well in a light colors and could end up looking pink. The contractor agreed that the floors could end up with a light pink color, so I am assuming they are indeed red oak. When I asked if they were red oak he completely ignored the question. I absolutely do not want a pink undertone floor. The designer never mentioned any concerns about our floors turning pinkish, so maybe she knows something I don't. When I said that we may like to sample some medium colors I receive a reply telling me that at this stage they would only sample the two colors (bona white and bona birch).

He literally wrote "For the wood floors; the technicians will be sampling Bona White and Bona Birch. The samples will be available for you viewing Monday afternoon with the intent of staining Tuesday. Our typical process at this phase in the project is to apply one or two samples recommended by your designer, to the floor and you would approve one to proceed with. Deviating from this process can cause costly delays, especially with a project of your size".

Are these red oak (pictures 1 &2)? Can red oak look good in light stains? Should I push for a few other stains, is it too much to ask them to test a few additional color samples? There is nothing in the contract saying that we can only test two. I personally think that it would be much more costly to have to re-sand and re-stain, but maybe is normal to only allow two samples.

Thank you all for your help!

First two photos are of new hardwoods on our home ( are the red or white oak) they were supposed to match the wood we had originally in our entry and kitchen ( third and four photos). Pictures 5,6, 7 are the samples the designer showed us in white oak.

1) New recently installed hardwoods


3) Hardwoods in the home (they will be sanded and refinished)

Pictures 5,6, 7 are the samples the designer showed us in white oak.




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