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2 months ago

OBF Fall for Recipes in October

Signs up through October 9th

Partners posted October 10th

Please send by October 25th

We shall be focusing on recipes this month. I, have been canning what I have harvested so far. It seems to taste better during the Fall and Winter months.

You will make your partner a recipe card or small booklet that is garden related. please include two packets of seeds..if you know your partner enjoys growing vegetables or herbs, then send those. If you know your partner prefers flowers, send flowers. It would be a great idea, if when you sign up, you post what you prefer.


Since we are talking recipes this month of October...

You will be required to post here various recipes by a given date.

Please post your favorite MAIN DISH

between Oct 9 and Oct 15

Please post an amazing SIDE DISH

between Oct 16 and Oct 22

Please post an incredible DESSERT

between Oct 23 and Oct 29

The recipes can be simple and fast is fine. You may have found one on the net you would like to share . The joy of cooking is new and unique recipes. We will also play some games shortly shortly.

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