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new: obf october *hallmark moments*

14 years ago

In this month's swap, we will keep it simple, yet meaningful.

Instead of sending a box, we will be sending CARDS.

Every lady will have the enjoyment of sending to 2 other ladies (this means every lady playing this month will send & receive 2 cards each). The cards can be homemade, store bought or a simple postcard....whatever you would like. The ONLY stipulation I will put on this swap is that they should be specifically chosen for the lady you are sending to. (if she likes cats, you could pick a card with a cat picture...that sort of thing) Let your imagination be your guide.

Sign ups until the 30th.color>

Here's the only catch....I will NOT post partners. This will be a secret swap. I will emailcolor> you with WHO you are sending to. When you send out your cards, you may post that you have done so...but PLEASE DO NOT post who you have sent them to.

I'd like this to be a surprise for everyone.

You will have the entire month of October to send your cards out.color> I want this to be as non-stress as possible for everyone.

When you receive your cards, please post & let everyone know who sent to you & what they chose to send.

Remember- keep it simple, yet meaningful.


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