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Scalp Psoriasis aka Plaque Psoriasis

2 months ago

Have any of you suffered this condition before? It's taken me a month to self-diagnose what I have. When I was at my checkup last week I planned to have the doctor look at my scalp except the power went out as soon as I got there and although we had our visit, it was too dark to mention the scalp & I barely had any itching.

Going to a dermatologist will be the last resort because it's such a common condtion that GP's know what to prescribe if necessary.

Long story short I think it began last year when I had dry patches on one ear that I got off with CeraVe and dryness in on eyebrow that I scrape off. And what I saw along my hairline a month ago, and the raised crust on top of my head is all new but I think it came from my ear or eyebrows.

I bought T-Sal shampoo, which has salicylic acid and didn't wash my hair 3 x times a week as instructed. It may have helped a bit and when I rean out I ordered another T-Sal shampoo but this time it has coal tar in it, used it the first time today. Scalp is itching more but it could be psychosomatic. If I see no improvement or it gets worse when I finish the bottle I'll contact my GP.

So, have you had it before and if so how did you treat it? It's one of those flare-up types and stress plays a big role.

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