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Bathroom/Window Dilemma. Please settle our bathroom debate!

We have a 2b/1ba house that we do intend to expand at some point once we have the budget. But for now, this is our only bathroom - which means it’s for our daily showers/bath, all of our storage, and of course, our only visitors bathroom and we LOVE to entertain.

We have a disagreement at the moment: my husband wants to move the bathtub/shower onto the window wall when you first enter. Love that concept, but I know (or assume, open to ideas!!) that we’d need to replace that window or waterproof it somehow (it’s the original sash 1930s window with exposed wood on the track). I love the look of the vintage windows but also acknowledge they’re not practical forever. If we go down this route, what are high end window brands we should consider? That still give that “bungalow” character?

I personally think it would be better to keep the current footprint with the bathtub being behind the door when you first enter. Our bathroom is only 45sq ft, so we are pretty limited with options here.

So, friends, what would you do? I’ll add a few pics here.

What we do know is we love marble, and we are inspired by that Beverly hills look - we live in a whimsical pink Spanish bungalow in California but for the bathroom plan on making the look timeless with white and black marble, giving a nod to the 1930s at the same time as that’s the era in which our house was built.

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