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Crickets in planter

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I had a fabulous Begonia in a large patio planter that I had hoped to save indoors over the winter. It weighed a ton, but we got it into the house and put it in front of a sunny patio door. Later that day, we learned that there are a couple of crickets in the danged thing.

I read that a small bowl of water with molasses would attract them and drown them (couldn’t find to remove and put outside), but it didn’t work over a couple of days. I think there are two, judging from the chirps, and I’m worried they could go forth and multiply.

I’ve ordered a sticky trap for crickets, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Any suggestions? I don’t mind the chirping, but don’t want to risk an infestation.


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