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Update to: Leaving ATT Internet,keep my very old email address?

arkansas girl
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Has anyone had any experience with keeping your old att email address after changing internet service providers? Specifically, I have an sbcglobal dot net address that I really would love to keep since I have about 18 years of my life in there...HAHA! I have all accounts and friends and family using this email address for me. The information I find on line is conflicting and some say you can but others say they were told they could not keep it. ATT also now had a paid email version, I wonder would that help guarantee keep the email address if I set it up with this address I want to keep? Anyone have experience with this?

Update: After speaking to customer service to discontinue our Internet with ATT, the rep told us that as long as the email account stays active(using at least once a month) then we will be able to keep our email addresses associated with our account. Still, we Imported important emails over to our gmail accounts just to be safe.

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