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"Relish" creations? (not canning)

2 months ago

I've been under the weather for awhile. I don't give it too much heed because I always get sick this time of year, but I'm behind on my cooking projects, and holing up under a blanket, watching services on streaming, and chatting online for "community"--and dreaming up new weird stuff to make.

I have a small jicama and a some purple daikons and had this odd thought of cutting them all in to wands and roasting them, then making a "relish" out of them (quote marks because not your basic chopped pickle salad). Problem is, I'm not sure what I should put in with them. Onions, for sure, but roasted or not? Or, I have some shallots... Something is telling me to add kale (raw)! Is this a good idea? Mustard seeds for sure. Maybe some whole cumin? Peppercorns? I do expect this to be more of a jammy texture than crnchy. Yellow squash? I have a bunch of roasted hot peppers, and some raw ones and some bell peppers... White wine? Or just wine vinegar?

As you can tell, this is all over the map. What do you think? What would you like? Advice?

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