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Reupholstery fabric suggestions needed!

16 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

I got this Sherrill wingback chair for $75 on Craigslist. I need to recover with a really durable fabric, as it gets a ton of use, and get a firmer seat foam. I'm hoping to recreate look of the tan chair with piping, which is on 1stDibs for $3,000!!!

A fabric that cleans easily and has a high wyzenbeck count seems important. What other criteria should I consider when fabric shopping?

Will sunbrella conform well to all of the curves or does it have a stiff pucker? (I'm having a hard time finding colors I like, but Sunbrella seems to have a good reputation.)

Dislike Crytpon, have felt a ton of samples. Don't want any chenille or velvet kind of pile, it is a dog hair magnet. I do not want to spray Scotch Guard on this pieces. Too many chemical for me. Prefer to stay under $80/yard. Any other fabric brands I should try for good stain resistance and wear?

My $75 Craigslist Chair in my living room

Dreamy 1st Dibs Chair

My fur factory!

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