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Robot Coupe Salvage?

10 months ago

Well, cross fingers, Christmas may be coming early for me.

DD has been in California, cooking at her two former camps, who were having special events but had no-one to lead the kitchen. It’s the end of the season, the staff is trickling off to school, so they asked DD to recruit and lead some alumni staff to pull these events off. Which she did, and had fun at, and made decent money in the process.

Bears are a constant problem at the camps, and one bear in particular has been breaking into one of the kitchens. This time, he - or she, or they, I don’t know this bear’s pronouns - smashed a steel prep table and sent a Robot Coupe flying. The machine was pronounced a total loss, written off, and the camp said DD could take the remains home if she wanted to try to salvage it. She thinks it is repairable, so I get to try!

Repairing things is difficult in the mountains, with no commercial appliance service shops around, so I’m hopeful that the “bar” for declaring bear-damaged stuff a total loss is not too high.

I don’t know what model it is - not the little one, I hear - and it’s not clear where it can fit in the kitchen, but still, we can’t turn down this challenge, can we?

If this works, I will be looking for things to do with a Robot Coupe . . . it’s going to be a long winter (it always is) so there should be plenty of time to experiment in the kitchen. Unlike house restoration, cooking doesn’t hurt my shoulders :-)

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