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Losing things, pt. 2

25 days ago

Can't find a similar thread I did a couple of years ago about misplacing items that are found in the strangest of places. At my age I have to take such things seriously. :)

Two days ago I lost my kitchen readers which I keep a pair in every room I spend time in. The frames are red so you'd think they'd be easy to find. Nope. I searched the top surface of all rooms, but why would I even take them out of the kitchen? I checked the fridge, cabinets, and drawers. Stumped. Then I began to worry about the beginnings of dementia. For real.

While getting ready to deep clean the kitchen and UT room tiles this morning, I took the broom and swept under all cabinets, which I can see what's under them anyway. Except the buffet. It has a deeper space & hard to see anything under them. What do you know, I swept my glasses out from under it! I'm surprised they didn't break on the hard porcelain tile. Whew!

About six months ago DH lost his cell phone in the house. He looked everywhere it could be, in all pockets, under furniture, in cushions on the sofa, and he looked hard. After a few days he ordered a new phone. A couple of months later while putting groceries in the deep freeze, he found it. Must have fallen out of his pocket.

Lose anything lately? Off to finish the floors, thank goodness for the Hoover wet cleaner to get all the dog slobber off.

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