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OT: HELP! AOL deleted YOUR email address from my contacts

LONG rant ahead. I'm so frustrated. And anxious.

A forum member asked me for another member's email address. I was happy to help, but always ask before I give out anyone's info. Well, I went to ask permission, and that person's address is gone.

Some of you know that I do my best to keep in touch with many members outside of the forum. I'm constantly checking on people who disappear (Sara-Ann/Merlena, just recently, who by the way we've still not heard from her), or that we know are having health/family issues. Sometimes it's just to continue a discussion from here on the forum. I also don't like depending on How-uzzlezz as my only source of contact.

Well, I *had* a separate list/category in my AOL contacts, just so I could easily find the addresses for forum members. But AOL (I know, I know... it's a dinosaur) recently revamped their email service. I hadn't really paid much attention, thinking the changes were mostly cosmetic. But no, when they made the changes, evidently my personalized lists went away, along with some, though not all, of the addresses that were in them. The remaining contacts are now in one lonnnnng list (of THOUSANDS!). Somehow Jeri's, Kim's, and Paul's addresses survived the carnage. Maybe a few more. I suspect the ones that survived were not in my GardenWeb folder, but in my general contacts. I'm still going through my literal thousands of contacts (I've used AOL for centuries, lol) looking for everyone else's, so I can re-sort them into a smaller list. I know I'm missing Nik the Greek, Christopher Gordon (AquaEyes), Alana, Ingrid, Malorena, Ann Peck... and those are just a few of the ones I can think of. It's tough to remember who to even look for! Who might be missing that I won't think of until I want to reach them?

As an aside, there's another weirdness to this affair. Along with the missing contacts, there are now at least a hundred *unknown name* contacts listed, that are blank, devoid of ANY info. Empty. A vacuum. Are these the rotting remains of the missing contacts? The info was lost, but they left placeholders as grave markers????


If I've ever been in touch with YOU, or you've emailed ME, please get in touch through Houzz private messages to give me your email again. I promise not to stalk you, lol.

Those of my friends here know I'm very protective of their info, so if I've never been in touch outside of the forum, but you'd like to know someone here could check on you, feel free to message me.

*wringing of hands* John

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