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Veggie Tales >>> Sept 2023

vgkg Z-7 Va
3 months ago

Yep, it's September! Our Fall crops are now planted (cabbages, carrots, collards, and turnips). The Spinach seed will be planted later on in Nov for an early Spring harvest. The 7 late tomato plants are looking good and setting fruit now which should ripen up well before the first frost. Still picking that last of the watermelons and cantaloupes now as well as a few late tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Will be digging up some sweet potatoes in the coming days.

On the fruit side, the Figs are still going strong and we started to pick the first pears. The pear trees are loaded down heavy but they held up ok during some recent high windy days as the TS passed us by to the south. The local temps are in the 70's for a few days but the upper 90's will return next week, glad the late tomato plants had a chance to set fruit this past week. Howes youse doing?

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