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Just a Simple, Reliable Printer, Please

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Ok, I need a new printer. I bought an HP OfficeJet Pro 6970 in 2018 and it has been fine. Now it appears to have "crapped out".

The newer model of that printer is about $300. Not a whole lot, but I think it's for more than what I need. I am a casual user; this isn't for business or school. I guess that I print recipes more than anything but of course other documents and forms get printed, too.

Here are my "must haves":

- Works with a Mac

- Color

- 2-sided printing option

- Relatively simple setup

- Printing, copying abilities

My "nice-to-haves":

- Ability to choose quality of job (draft, normal, fine, for example)

- Not terribly slow

There are probably other things I'm not thinking of right now. I've looked all over Amazon and, of course, everything has good and bad reviews.

Can you give me some names/models of printers you'd recommend, and why?

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