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Tub to Shower conversion and I widened the shower by 2 inches.

Barbara Fenton
8 months ago

When I had the shower widened by 2 inches (now it is 30 w x 60 long), I did not think about the location of the plumbing. It was not obvious to me that it is now off center by 2 inches. I cannot recall if the plumber mentioned it or not but I now have another detail to ruminate over!

The shower has just had the new wall board added, water proofing took place over the weekend but shower has not yet tiled. They are starting the shower pan tiling today. Do I have them open stop and open up the wall to reposition the plumbing or do I place a hand-held shower bar to the left of the shower to "balance the space". Or maybe I won't notice (problem is I notice all details) Help. Immediate issue. The wall tile is very plain. This is a minimalist design type guest bathroom. Thanks

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