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Is a marble hex tile too high maintenance for a bathroom floor?

I live in a 100-year-old pre-war apartment in NYC. My current bathroom floor is made up of large polished absolute black granite tiles that I'm not crazy about. Every single foot print shows up on that thing. It's impossible to have it look clean.

I'd like to change the bathroom floor. I've fallen in love with this tile from Artistic Tile.

The contractor told me it would be high maintenance. Looking at the pictures, it looks like the tile is comprised of black marble, white marble and carrara marble. I live here with my husband -- no kids and pets. We're relatively careful with things but not obsessive about it. We have a carrara marble dining room table. It's etched and we're OK with it.

Do you think that this tile will hold up over time? I'd also think grey grout would work the best with this tile.

Here are pics of my bathroom:

In addition, I have a question about my subway tile on the walls. It looks like it's an off-white grout. Areas near water have been turning kind of black. While I've been scrubbing with bleach/hydrogen peroxide mixture, it's never fully clean. Is it worth having it regrouted in a darker grout -- perhaps gray or black? Or would staining the grout be a better option?

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