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What do you do with very long laterals on climbing roses?

Iowa Blooms z 5
3 months ago


I have Florentina (3rd year) and John Cabot (5th? year) roses growing up trellises. This spring I cut out some older main canes and tied the remaining ones at angle as suggested in many videos on climbing roses. Previously I had just kind of let these roses do whatever they wanted with varying degrees of satisfying flowers. This year, they have put out many short laterals filled with buds (YAY so excited for their flowers!). But, both roses have sent out very long laterals from near the base of the older main canes. These stems are thicker seem more like a main cane than laterals. They are now 2-3 feet tall, no buds on the end, looking very healthy and vigorous. Should I treat these as main shoots and tie them at angles against the trellis? They are growing on the front side of the rose plant so it would actually be difficult to tie them to the trellis, also they are not very pliable. I tested one to see about bending it but I could see I risked splitting it off the main shoot. Ive considered arching them over towards the ground and tying them down (pegging them).

What would you all do with them?

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