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My living room needs personality. Help.

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

This is my living room, in an American Foursquare house. What I won't change: the rugs, the original woodowork, the sofa, and the coffee table. As for the! What needs to change: (1) The chairs. The black/white chairs will be replaced for sure. I am envisioning a large chaise or chair & ottoman (navy, possibly velvet) and an armchair with a pattern (maybe Ikat?). (2) The paint color is pale grey (it used to be chartreuse, which glowed at night). I would love a jewel tone. I had a bunch of peonies last week that were a deep purple/burgundy and looked amazing in the space. It got me thinking about jewel-toned walls...but I worry it will clash with the "more pure red" in the rug. Ideas? (3) Art work -need something above the fireplace (4) Fireplace - it's painted black because the woodwork was not original and it did not match the wall trim. But the mantle is pretty skinny and the black is harsh against the wall. Ideas? Oh also - the adjacent rooms are Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. Ceiling lights are black iron. I WOULD LOVE YOUR IDEAS!!!

Have at it!! Brutal honesty is fine. Thank you so much!

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