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Updated: "Help me decorate my living room - Desperate help needed!"

Alex B
3 years ago

Hello everyone

Last year I had made a post regarding re-designing our living room and you were all very helpful with your suggestions. We have now made some progress but I need your help with a few more things.

Here is the original post:

We have since put an accent TV wall and changed some things around. Here are pictures of what it looks like currently:

I am much happier with how things look currently but I wish to upgrade our chairs.

I am thinking of either something very similar to what we already have - such as these from West Elm- I like the lighter warmer leather on them:

OR maybe a

Velvet accent chair in orange/tangerine such as this one:

I am aware I will have to change my pillows around otherwise it will be too orange.

OR any other ideas?

I am also having a really hard time styling my coffee table...If anyone can help out with this it would be much appreciated!

I am also open to any other ideas you may have regarding anything else or just to hear your opinions.

Thank you all

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    JudyG Designs
    3 years ago
    last modified: 3 years ago

    I see a few things that aren’t horrible, by any means, but could be changed.

    Mirror and sideboard, for instance, as mirror is too large for the sideboard and it overwhelms the room, reflecting the t v. Try the art over the sideboard and add a floor lamp where the plant is, as it will do double duty for the sofa and the art.

    Have you ever thought about adding a floor to ceiling strip of trim to separate the dining area from the living area and painting that wall a color? Something like this with a couple of white shelves on that wall?