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outdoor shades for clerestory windows

John H
3 months ago

We are in the process of finalizing a remodel design and will have a set of high clerestory windows about 20’ wide and 12’ from the floor. The windows themselves will be about 2’ in height.

They will face southwest so will get a lot of light.

Does anyone have advice or suggestions for either:

  1. Outdoor electronic shades that wouldn’t get too dirty over time? (They will be tucked under our roof so will be protected but we are really worried about dirt since they would be really hard to get to in order to clean). Perhaps some exist that could be power washed from a distance or are a harder material that would spray clean easily?

  2. Indoor electronic shades that are really low profile when rolled up? (The windows go right up to the ceiling and we’d prefer not to lose height due to padding down the ceiling)


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