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Opinions on proposed kitchen/pantry/mudroom remodel?

Julie Hams
3 months ago

Hi ☺️ first post here— we will be remodeling our kitchen this summer and just looking for any final critiques from the pro’s before we start knocking walls down!

Photo 1: view of current galley kitchen/shares wall with dining room. To the left - opening to living area and door coming from garage. Picture taken at the “breakfast nook” area.

Photo 2: view of living room. 6 x 8 ft of space behind couch. Red door - garage entry way. Sliding glass door - to backyard. Not pictured - corner fireplace with our mounted TV

next two photos- MAJOR cred to the app Magic Plan! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a way to visualize your plan ideas!!
Photos 3 + 4: proposed plan. Contains:

  • knock down: kitchen wall and combine kitchen/dining room
  • add: 8 x 2 ft island with seating + 12” wall cabinets as the base cabinetry
  • to the right of photo 3 is our foyer which does not change
  • add: wall behind couch in living room to create and entryway/pantry space
  • entry way: 30” mudroom bench and 30” door for pantry
  • pantry dimensions: 5x6ft.

Thanks in advance!

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