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Help with dining table lighting!

Meaghan Nugent
3 months ago

Hello! I need to replace my (very) dated light fixture over my dining room table. I want something that will match my style and will be at scale with the room and table. I have an open floor plan, so I don’t want it to look skimpy when you look at it from a distance. My table is 42” wide and 65” long, ceiling height is 7’7”. I was looking at pendant lighting but couldn’t decide between the 12” or 16” (will 22.5” be too high on the 16” fixture)? Or do I go with a linear pendant? Im worried with a linear pendant that it may be too overwhelming and take away from the table.

NOTE: my floors will eventually be a light white oak hardwood. My sideboard will be refinished to be a lighter color and I’m waiting for a Roman shade on the window.™--Glenhaven-5-Light-Kitchen-Island-Linear-Pendant-X113075730-L6087-K~B000169127.html?refid=GX433453051160-B000169127_714485905&device=m&ptid=1192039462756&network=g&ireid=209607123&targetid=pla-1192039462756&PiID[]=714485905&gad=1&gbraid=0AAAAADNG5UjrANf2xtS1U389F4rupCpu9&gclid=CjwKCAjwg-GjBhBnEiwAMUvNW5w8ptSupbZDtdjgZSUj6StZjHtaI8_X4mKeTnK42j6E_PKzrifMmBoCsaUQAvD_BwE

Thank you!

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