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Wandering Through Wednesday's Wonders

3 months ago

I have a lot more seedlings blooming today than registered daylilies, but I'll start with the registered ones. Many had trouble opening or were splotchy today.

Bluegrass Shadows had a fairly clean bloom today. The first two were very splotchy.

Hearts That Care ffo

Cameroon Night ffo - Very few buds this year and only one scape at registered height.

Wonder of It All is taller and better budded than it's been in at least five years. I guess the grubs didn't eat the roots last fall.

White Tooth X Skater #4 - This White Tooth seedling shows the least impact from frigid Winter and late Freeze. Last year the scapes were only 22-25 inches tall. This year they are 33 inches tall and growing. Bud count is in the teens, and the blooms are 7+ inches.. This one multiplies fast. There were four blooms today, but I couldn't fit the fourth one in the frame. With heat this one should have a toothier edge.

Pink Lemonade Party X Bubblegum Queen #1 - Bloom is a little larger than 6 inches. The throat is greener than it appears in my photo. #2 also bloomed. It was more of peachy pink with a smaller flower but more ornate edge.

Gypsy Cats seedling X Rip Saw #3 - This is the second bloom on this one. The first one didn't show any teeth, and today we got some. I think the edge will be toothier when we hit the 90s on Friday. The red color is very irridescent, which my photo fails to capture.

Jungle Queen X Applique #1 with a poly


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