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Free Standing Tub - personal experiance.

4 months ago

I would love to hear from those that HAVE put free standing tubs in and are living with it. What space did you leave from side to side and how is the cleaning around the tub? I hear nothing but negatives on this site about cleaning around the tub but I am not sure what more then dust/dog/cat hair would be around a FST.

The FST is a contemporary style larger at the top then around the base. The dimensions of the tub at the top is L 69" x W 29.5 the base length is 51". NKBA I understand says leave 21" to each side, that seems like a lot and I know most are not being put in with this kind of space. I want to have a larger vanity space and I like to be very mindful of every square inch in design.

So please tell me what is required for the cleaning, can't you just take the shower hose and wash it out from back there?

I will try and post a layout.

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