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Knee replacement in my future

3 months ago

Good morning. Daughter's wedding over (was wonderful), granddaughters grad over (wonderful) and now I have to concentrate on surgery June 28. I live alone and of course will have some amount of help but I really want to make it as easy for myself as I can. Im wondering what I should have for my "home base" which will either be my bedroom or living room. I have a recliner in the LR. Wondering about a lift chair and also a minifridge. I would like a knee cooling machine but that requires ice and my very old fridge's ice maker is on the fritz.....maybe need to replace fridge so that I'll have the ice I need. My daughters will make sure my fridge is stocked but all but one lives out of state so I can always order groceries and food to be delivered. I have what seems like a million apointments between now and then including physical, cardiologist, a one time class, a home safety visit and more. What tips might you have? TIA

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